Joyful Honda Co., Ltd leverages the vast extent and collective strengths of our business areas to offer one-stop services to meet customer needs at its huge operating sites, ranging from tens of thousands to over a hundred thousand square meters, where membership-based sports clubs, supermarkets, and other tenant shops run their businesses side-by-side. We aim to become the top “Living Space Innovator,” our vision, in Japan under the corporate mission: “Co-create the joy and dreams of communities by securing essential items and making proposals for a better life.”

Our aim is to provide a highly specialized assortment of products that professional craftspeople can enjoy all day long.

With an overwhelming product range and inventory, almost enough to build a whole house, we cater not only to the general public, but also to professional demand, selling lumber, building materials, paint, tools, hardware, worker essentials, electrical fittings and other materials and goods. In particular, highly functional and sophisticated items as well as featured goods for daily use have been popular among on-site professional users. Some stores have an annexed Processing Room where we can cut lumber, steel and other materials and provide services for on-the-spot processing of purchased items. In addition, under the concept of a “craftsman's store,” “Honda-Ya” handles tools, hardware, and working clothes for professional users, and sells a carefully selected range of more specialized professional products to back up on-site work.

We provide total support for daily life, from daily necessities to disaster stockpiles.


We sell a wide variety of items, such as daily consumable goods that are essential for living, and sundry supplies that help with day-to-day housework, as well as a broad lineup of hygiene products, drugs, healthcare products, drinks and liquor. We always listen to customers’ requests to enhance our extensive lineup of products. Furthermore, customers can also find rice, the essential item for daily meals, and popular processed foods that are kept ready for times of disaster and emergency. We seek to stock sufficient volumes of items so that they are available in times of emergency, aiming to help our customers in communities live safe and secure lives.

We offer a wide range of services from home gardening to materials and equipment used by farmers. We are proud of our “flowers and greenery,” which are particular about “freshness” and “volume.”


We have an extensive lineup of items, such as flower seedlings, vegetable seedlings, plants, compost, fertilizers, and plant pots, as well as bricks, paving stones and other gardening materials. We propose new ideas for gardening and develop products that reflect customers’ feedback. In particular, we pay special attention to the freshness and trading volume of goods. We directly procure saplings and plants from farm producers, while cutting flowers at our own factory. We also offer extensive lineups of products such as gardening items, plumbing supplies, agricultural materials, and large-scale machinery to satisfy a broad range of customers including home gardeners and farmers. Repair Rooms, which offer machinery repair services, conduct repairs and maintenance on bush trimmers, power generators, and other equipment. Certain stores also offer Joy Marché, farm produce stands that sell freshly picked vegetables, direct from farms.

We carry items to enrich your life and even vintage furniture in some stores, and offer an arts and crafts department that supports hobbies such as art materials and ceramics.


We offer curtains and carpets in a variety of sizes as well as wallpaper and lighting best suited for redecorating rooms. In addition, we have antique and vintage furniture and sundries imported mainly from Europe, and interior and storage furniture that make life a little more enjoyable. Our home appliances sales floor offers a carefully selected selection of home appliances used in daily life. In addition to stationery and office supplies, we also sell a wide variety of materials and tools for hobbies such as art supplies, calligraphy, and ceramics, as well as paintings, posters, and other art interior products. We also accept orders for custom-made items such as business cards, seals, and picture frames.

A full lineup of items and new proposals to enrich your life with pets. The leisure section offers camping, cycle and car equipment for enjoying leisure time.


In our Pet Center, customers can find a variety of pet items including pet food, cages, and toys. We also offer pet trimming services, pet hotels servicing for a wider coverage of pets—dogs, cats, small animals and even birds, and self-service shower facilities to meet customer requests for a pet-washing space. We are constantly making efforts to improve convenience for customers. In addition, we provide a venue (our store facilities) where we hold adoption events for rescue dogs and cats, and some of our stores hold cat adoption events on a full-time basis.
Our Leisure Center sells distinctive outdoor goods and car equipment including goods for barbeque cooking as well as authentic camping items to ensure customers can fully enjoy their time spent on hobbies. We also offer diverse lineup of bicycles to meet a variety of customer needs such as for going to school or competing in sport.

Our professional staff provides one-stop total support for your residence, from interior remodeling such as system kitchens and toilets to exterior construction including carports and decks.


We offer total solutions from interior remodeling of plumbing related to the kitchen, bath, and toilet areas, to additions and renovations such as roofing and exterior wall painting, and exterior work such as storage sheds, carports, log cabins, and gardens. We thus help customers to create ideal spaces and solve a wide range of housing issues. To translate each client’s wishes into reality, we operate with a structure that conduct from quotation to construction management consistently and responsibly. In addition, we have a large number of staff with expertise and experience in the construction field, including certified architects, interior coordinators, and exterior planners, to ensure that our customers can rely on us with confidence.